Designing Lighting Solutions

Atlantic LED Solutions balances lighting requirements, cost and energy savings to optimize a lighting upgrade project. Based up the audit or customer requirement, we examine lighting technologies to provide a high level of performance while considering the costs of installation, fixtures and use of advance controls. Our goal is to save as much energy as possible while obtaining a high Return on Investment and fast payback for a project.


Audit Schedules to Lighting Solutions

Whether it is a industrial space, or a Class A Office Park, lighting solutions are designed to provide lighting performance and to fit within the style of the facility. The audit schedules provide the foundation for the design and fit to the client’s lighting solution, and energy saving upgrades.

Meeting Application Needs

We conduct our consulting activities to meet standards while providing the best lighting for the user’s application. Atlantic LED Solutions consider illumination levels, use of the area, and types of fixtures needed to support lighting requirements. Fixture design consideration are factored in to meet the style of or the aesthetics of the space. We develop a replacement plan for the existing fixtures that considers installation issues so that the total costs of the lighting upgrade project are economical and are with minimum disruption to use of the area or space.


Economics and Payback for Lighting Upgrades

Getting the lighting right is a first step, the next step is understand the economics of the lighting upgrade solution. Atlantic LED Solution performs full life-cycle economic analysis to help the decision makers understand all of the benefits of upgrading their lighting systems.

Lighting Standards

Our guiding principle in design lighting solutions is to meet standards, such as those of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) for quality light suited to the lighting applications purpose. Whether it is an office building, parking area, or a street lighting project, we use standards to meet client needs. We balance first and lifetime costs, efficiency, rebates, installation costs, along with client requirements. Atlantic LED Solutions uses advanced analysis software AGI32, when needed, to simulate the lighting and determine illumination levels.


Using Advanced Engineering Tools to meet Lighting standards

Advanced tools such as AGI32 provide the ability to simulate lighting performance, and tune the solution. These advanced lighting tools, provide a further refinement to the upgrade solution and to demonstrate how the lighting will be expected to perform.

Project Documents


Based upon audits and customer provided information, we collect our findings and develop fixture schedules that provide detail configurations and details needed to procure light fixture and controls. From this information we can produce an estimate for the project and understand the energy savings. With these schedules Atlantic LED Solutions can build a full economic analysis outlining projected life-cycle costs, paybacks, ROI and other benefits. As part of the documentation package we assemble a package for project review, that can include maps, plans, and schedules to facilitate installation.


Documents for LED Lighting Upgrades and Bidding

Quality documentation is key to implementing a lighting upgrade project. Accurate estimates are supported by comprehensive schedules, maps, and fixture guides, so electricians can plan and optimize their field work.