Alpinia LED Flush Mount - Round Fixture with Sensor

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This commercial LED Round Flush Mount fixture is an energy saving solution for general illumination in hallways, foyers, corridors, offices, utility rooms and many other lighting applications. It can be either flush mounted onto a ceiling or used as sconce or wall light fixture / wall sconce applications. This LED round fixture comes with the latest in energy saving advanced lighting controls and includes occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and step dimming for maximum energy savings. Additionally, this fixture is constructed of polycarbonate and is highly impact resistant.

This flush mount fixture uses advanced LED technology in a low-profile design, with feature that are not available in conventional light fixtures. The LED produces uniform light, and highly diffuses the light through the polycarbonate lens creating uniform light distribution without hot spots, flicker or glare. Also, this fixture has a very larger operating range form -4F to 131F making it ideal for unconditioned spaces.

Watts 23W Rebates DLC Premium
Lumens 2,280 lm - 2,438 lm Warranty 5 Years
Lumens/ Watt 102-106 lm/ W L-70 >80,000 Hrs.
CCT 3,000K, 4,000K CRI >85
Options n/a Volts 100-277 VAC
LED Polycarbonate Round Fixture Mounted as a Wall Sconce

LED Polycarbonate Round Fixture Mounted as a Wall Sconce

Rugged Polycarbonate Wall Sconce of Ceiling Light

This round flush mount fixture can readily be either ceiling mounted, or wall mounted for use as a wall sconce. Its round dome is constructed of high grade polycarbonate, that is IK09 rated. An IK09 rating is the second highest impact resistance rating, and is a test showing resistance to impact of 5kg (11lbs) mass dropped from 200 mm (7.8in) above the impacted surface. This impact resistance makes this fixture well suited for un-monitored spaces, for uses such as stairwell lighting, hallways, entrances, lobbies and other areas not under constant surveillance. Additionally, the fixture is rated IP65 and is moisture resistant and can be used in unconditioned damp spaces. It is constructed of non-metallic parts that won’t rust or deteriorate.

Emergency Battery

In many lighting applications, backup lighting for emergency conditions is needed. This LED Round Fixture includes a battery backup capable of illuminating the fixture for up to 3 hours. The LED fixture automatically charges while on line power, and includes a charge indicator for the fixture.

Controls for Energy Efficiency

Round Flush Mount LED Fixture with Occupancy and Daylight Harvesting Sensors

Round Flush Mount LED Fixture with Occupancy and Daylight Harvesting Sensors

This round LED flush mount commercial fixture has a full range of advanced lighting controls built into the fixture. It provides field adjustable controls for lux levels, time delay and time sensitivity. The lux controls are adjustable between 10 lux and 2,000 lux for daylight harvesting. The time delay to dim the fixture, after sensing no movement, is 14 seconds to 30 minutes. The range sensitivity is from 6 feet (2m) to 30 feet (10m). The dimming levels can be set to no dimming “0” (i.e. on-off), to incremental ranges of 10%, 20% or 30%. All these advance lighting controls results in a fixture that is not only attractive, but also is the lowest possible cost of operations, with very fast return on investment.