Premium Troffer with Advanced Wireless Controls

These LED troffer are very energy efficient DLC Premium listed fixtures for suspended ceiling applications. They are available both as a 2’x2’ and 2’x4’ luminaires. They are extremely energy efficient lighting fixtures producing over 145 lumens per watt. Integral wireless occupancy and daylight harvesting controls are programmed and linked via a Bluetooth smart phone or tablet application to maximize energy savings. These economical high-performance troffers are ideal replacements for existing fluorescent troffers, or to be used in new construction. Optionally, emergency battery backup is available for compliance with local building codes.

Efficient LED Troffer with Advanced Lighting Controls - 145 lumens per watt

Efficient LED Troffer with Advanced Lighting Controls - 145 lumens per watt

LED Smart Troffer Models

This control-based LED troffer is available in two basic models. The 2x2 LED Troffer is available in 20W and 26W models, producing 2,915 and 3,737 lumens. The 2x4 LED Troffer is 26W and 40W models, producing 3,822 and 5,827 lumens. Both indoor lighting fixture models are available in color temperatures of 3,500K, 4,000K, 4,500K and 5,000K (CCT). They have a color rendering (CRI) index of over 80 for a very high-quality uniform lighting. They have a vaulted troffer fixture style for a high-quality look and feel for all types of office, classroom, conference room and hallways architectural styles. It is a highly versatile troffer fixture that can be widely deployed and will save energy over fluorescent lamped fixtures.

Watts 20W, 26W, 40W Rebates DLC Premium
Lumens 3,450 lm - 5,827 lm Warranty 5 Years
Lumens/ Watt 145 lm/ W L-70 >50,000 Hrs.
CCT 3,000K, 4,000K, 5,000K CRI >80
Options Controls, Emergency Battery Volts 100-277 VAC
2x2 Troffer with Built in Advanced Lighting Controls

2x2 Troffer with Built in Advanced Lighting Controls

Troffer with a Fast ROI

These LED troffers offer very high performance and are feature rich at low costs. These fixtures are price competitive with traditional fluorescent troffers but produce light at much lower operating costs. They require no routine re-lamping, offer long service life and have advance controls that reduce energy usage even further. This provides a very high return on investment, and in many cases replacement of the existing fluorescent lamp fixtures with the LED troffers can have a very fast payback, while lowers operating costs. These fixtures meet DLC Premium standards, which provides for the highest level of rebates, which increases even further the ROI.

Smart Phone Controls for Managing Lighting

Smart Phone Controls for Managing Lighting

Advanced Controls with Smart Phones

These 2x2 and 2x4 LED troffers use either iPhones or Android phones to program the lighting fixture. Each fixture has an independent sensor for occupancy or day-light harvesting, to provide the highest degree of flexibility in creating lighting scenes and schemes to meet your office lighting requirements. These fixtures use advanced mesh networking to interconnect the fixtures into a stand-alone lighting schemes to control the troffer lights.

Remote Wireless Switches for Energy Savings

The smart phone application provides for the programming of switches to the system for user control of the LED troffers via Bluetooth capabilities. These switches can be linked to scenes and other management capabilities to provide a very high level of user control over the lighting in the office environment. A solar smart dimming switch is available to aide in daylight harvesting controls. Coming soon are three positions, four positions, and rotary dimming switches.

  • Supports “lamps” function to add, sort, delete and rename fixtures. Provides dimming and occupancy hold times.

  • Group functionality to add, delete, rename and man-age groups and their dimming levels.

    Scene capabilities to add, delete, manage individual scenes

  • Switch functionality to support programming of remote switches.

  • Timer functionality to set preset on/ off timer, dimming timers, and other time-based functional schedules

  • Supports lighting scenes so that users may design different lighting scenes according to their needs.

  • Auto Daylight harvesting supported for adjusting light levels as ambient conditions change.