Getting a Project Right with AUditing

Lighting solutions are a major investment and have a long-term beneficial impact by lowering costs.  They also improve the appearance of an area or a facility. Getting a project right is a blend of experience, science, and art. By blending these skills when auditing, long-term energy saving are achieved, a high return on investment is obtained, and operating costs are lowered. As an added benefit, LED lighting provides better quality of light, which improves the appearance of streetscapes, outdoor area lighting, offices, hallways, common spaces and the building’s environment in general.


Tools for AUditing Lighting

We use a series of tools to develop an audit. Each audit creates a customized data dictionary to develop the requirements for the lighting upgrades. For street lighting audits, latitude and longitude are collected to support GIS systems. All audit data is compatible with online cloud services such as Google Maps.

Complete Inventory & GIS Systems

At Atlantic LED Solutions, we apply our broad experience in auditing to build the foundations needed for comprehensive results in upgrading your lighting infrastructure.

We are comprehensive auditors of street lights, outdoor fixtures, and indoor lighting. These audits collect all data needed, including when required GPS coordinates. Atlantic LED organizes this information into databases that support selecting a solution that balances lighting requirements, economics and performance.

The objective of our audits is to create a complete inventory of all fixtures, and to collect detailed attributes on the fixtures so that replacements LED lights can fit within the existing infrastructure when required. Atlantic LED Solutions can collect GPS data and fully integrate the data into either a GIS System or CAD System to facilitate tracking and operations. As part of this process we can reconcile the survey information and any existing inventories.


Auditing with GIS Data

Collecting lighting locations in the field enables the data to be used in a variety of GIS systems. We have capabilities to create Arc Shape Files, AutoDesk CAD files, interchange formats for Google Maps, and other open standards for mapping. And of course all data is available in Excel formats to create a full inventory schedules and economic analysis.

Auditing Process

Additionally, our approach to auditing affords the opportunity to examine any deficiencies that may be present. We note observable issues with lighting, physical mounts, or other impedances to the lighting upgrade. When requested, we can pay special attention to areas that have problematic lighting levels and need improved illumination.

During our auditing process we collect information on lighting use hours, so we can accurately project energy use. Atlantic LED also uses the auditing process to look for opportunities to apply lighting controls. For example, we can document room use patterns and make recommendation for lighting control schemes that often reduce energy consumption by up to 80% to 90%.

These audits when integrated into mapping systems or CAD layouts support bidding processes, provide field documentation, and are a permanent record of the lighting upgrade project. This documentation helps standardize fixtures, efficiently procure new lighting, and streamlines installation work.