We are fixture and brand agnostic, sourcing fixtures, advanced lighting controls, and systems to to effectively and efficiently meet our client’s lighting upgrade projects. Atlantic LED Solution uses and deploys fixtures that are high performing and meet standards as established by the DesignLights Consortium.

We have DLC listed a select set of common and widely used lighting fixtures for our clients, to eliminate sourcing logistical challenges and assure rapid fulfillment of project requirements. These LED fixtures have been reviewed and qualified in meeting high standards, and providing quality lighting in our clients applications. To learn more about these LED lighting products, please visit our solution and sourcing section.

At Atlantic LED Solutions, we understand indoor and outdoor lighting, and controls. We work hard to find the best fit of fixture to lighting application. Further, we work on all the other details that make for a high quality, smooth running installation, such as, logistics, mounting conditions, and documentation for use in the field.

LED Solutions WE have Used in Our Projects:

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